The solution for the corresponding flash algorithm cannot be found during the use of keil5.20.

I believe you know that keil5.20 is not the latest ARM programming tool, but it is also a good newcomer, but it has a very good and not good feature: all PACK packages supporting the chip must be installed.

Keil5.20l will encounter the embarrassing moment when the corresponding flash algorithm cannot be found suddenly.

This may be caused by the package being inadvertently damaged. If this is the case, you only need to delete the installed PACK, re-enter the official website to download and load it once, but in special cases, this It does not solve the problem, and it is not good to reinstall the keil environment.

In principle, the flash algorithm in keil enables you to write or rewrite and add it yourself, but it requires a certain level of chip programming skills. If you are a reader, you will be able to write it. I believe this problem will not be overwhelming. But if you don't write it yourself, then the problem is coming, how is it? ?

Mo pan!

The solutions are now available in the following two ways:

1) Return the old version of keil5.11. All the things in this version are packaged by the software development. The installation is fine, don't worry, I believe it is because of this, many developers are new. Reluctant to update after the software version appears.

2) The author's network disk stores a flash compression package [link: password: l9gh], after downloading and unzipping, open the folder where Keil is installed, go to the path Keil_v5\ Under ARM, find a folder named flash, replace it with the flash file in the author's compressed package, and then restart the keil.