Use wampsever to build wordpress full process problem and program summary

1 Unable to install wampsever 0x0007b error with DirectXv3.5 extended version Install dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64 .net software at the same time

2, the installation wamp version is 3.0.6, can not be opened after installation phpmyadmin. IE browser can not be opened, but after changing the browser can be opened normally. [Browser at work]

3. Since it is upgraded to 4.9.8 on the computer by 4.9.4, but because the server can not be connected to the network, the official 4.9.8 is used. The disadvantage is that there is no English. The language pack of 4.9.4 can be copied. Go to the wp-content folder and find that you can modify the language in the settting general site-language (because it is a bit hidden, so search for the search lang). Click on the home directory to find that it is still a blank page. But after changing the theme, you can use the function. It will be restored and then replaced with the default theme.

5, the client access 403 forbidden, Solution: Enter the httpd-vhost.conf file, add Require all granted comment Require local statement, also, enter the httpd.conf file, search /www that piece, comment Require local statement new Increase Require all granted

6, install the plug-in to include PDF printing tools, user rights modification tools, avatar upload tool, backup tool, docx file upload tool, editor auxiliary tools.

7, when creating a new article, if there is a display abnormal situation, most of the browser problem, if you use 360 ​​browser, then you need to switch to the speed mode, Google does not.

8, can not upload Chinese characters file Press blog post to continue to modify! Go to /wp-admin/includes/file.php and it will $new_file = $uploads['path'] . "/$filename"; $new_file = $uploads['path'] . "/" .iconv("UTF-8","GB2312",$filename);

will Return apply_filters( 'wp_handle_upload', array( 'file' => $new_file, 'url' => $url, 'type' => $type ), 'wp_handle_sideload' === $action ? 'sideload' : 'upload' ); Change to Return apply_filters( 'wp_handle_upload', array( 'file'=$uploads['path']."/$filename", 'url' => $url, 'type' => $type ), 'wp_handle_sideload' === $action ? 'sideload' : 'upload' );

11. Comment out the primary part of index.php and you can remove the original display on the right side. Then replace it with the page you actually need. Modify the <div class="custom-header-media" style="height : 140px"> new height attribute in the header_image.php file to make the title image part height consistent with the catalog content section. The specific more standard modification method needs to take the time to study in detail.

12. Replace the comment part with a simple picture in index.php!

<img src="" width="2000" height="1200" alt="Video Security Group Knowledge Base" >

13. About prohibiting websites Upload thumbnails, set the size of each size by zero in the background setting - media - remove the check box; To control the top image size, in the header-image.php file, add the style="height : 200px" parameter to the following tag. <div class="custom-header-media" style="height : 200px">

14, close the article comment function: by installing the disable comment plug-in method, open the page comment function: enter the page management tab, select the quick edit for the article to be opened, carefully look at the right middle position, there will be a permission comment option, hook You can choose!