NC public private call action script push single error null pointer

Business scenario: Create a webservice in the NC to receive third-party system data. After populating the third-party data in the free-state order in the system, call the action script to push the [audit] state. Pre-testing Adding a test button to the client Simulating a push order There is no problem. I encountered a problem during the simulation. Reason: A field is not assigned. It is recommended to query a normal document from the library before pushing the order. Do the data comparison. Fill the VO according to the normal data.

The weirdest problem: After calling the button to push the order, it starts to write webservice but the result is a push order error. But the same padding data pushes the single action class. The key reasons are as follows: When the front-end client is called, the NC system will fill some of it by default as a verification. For example, the organization to which it belongs. However, when the public private call is skipped, the value cannot be obtained. Therefore, the null pointer is abnormal, which leads to the push error.这里写图片描述

Left: Calling a push through webservice in private Right: I heard the Add Test button in the client. The red scissors are labeled as the cause of the problem.


/*Set the group*/InvocationInfoProxy.getInstance().setGroupId(headVO.getPk_group());
/*Set operator*/InvocationInfoProxy.getInstance().setUserId(psnByCode.getPk_psndoc());

After setting the above content, call the push list and everything is OK. . Proper. . .