If there is cloud computing in ancient times, how do you want to fight in the Raiders?

Delayed Raiders recently fire, men, women and children are crazy chasing drama, even our single hobby programmer brother also spent more than 70 episodes on weekends, properly delaying powder. There are two main points of interest in the Raiders Raiders. One is that all kinds of CPs are dazzling, emperor cp, post-璎 cp, Weilong cp, etc. With the development of the plot, various CPs emerge one after another. Another major attraction is the Gong Gong opera of the harem. The female lord is no longer a bronze player who is bullied by anyone. But whoever provokes me, I will destroy the domineering king who is going all the way.

Speaking of this, Xiaobian associates with it. If there is cloud computing in ancient times, how do you want to fight against the Raiders?

Scene 1: God Tree Tickling

One day, he was beaten by the emperor on the side of the road. In order to save herself, she was actually a god tree to give her a dream. She came to lie to the tree of God. The emperor and the general manager Li were all at the time. It is. The emperor was thinking about the national events and she did not care about her and let her go. But after seeing the Queen Mother, the Emperor wanted to be more wrong. Who is this girl? How could God Tree give her a dream, and the Emperor reacted and was cheated. When I turned back to find someone, I ran away.

So the emperor ordered Li Gonggong to find the cockroach, but the harem palace was too many, countless, Li Gonggong did not find it for many days, if in ancient times, the emperor used the Ali cloud distributed relational database service DRDS, then Everything is different.

The emperor ordered the return of the sorcerer who smashed Lingbo. Li Gonggong used the previously recorded information of the maiden to make inquiries. DRDS 5.3 can quickly get all the information in tens of thousands of maidens. DRDS 5.3 uses Plan Cache, coroutine, FastSQL, etc. A number of technologies have greatly improved throughput, and the 8DS16G specification DRDS can provide up to 6W+/s QPS.

In general, DRDS 5.3 can quickly find the cockroaches. Maybe the emperor has not returned from the sacred tree to the palace. Li Gonggong can find the cockroaches and bring them to the emperor, so that Li Gonggong does not need to smash the 30 slabs. It is.

Scene 2: noble singing and singing Noble, I usually love to sing. She is born in her usual costumes, dresses, uniforms, and sleepwear. Every piece of clothing has elements of drama, so it is also infinitely magnified in the details.

In ancient times, the so-called everyone's show is definitely not going to show up in the public. Therefore, at that time, there were few girls from ordinary people who would learn to play, so the resources of the opera were limited. There is a scene in the Raiders Raiders, which is a noble painting, learning to paint orchids purely, but I am not satisfied with the painting at the end. I will throw the painting and say that the palace still loves to sing. In the palace, it is relatively closed. What is new? The opera, noble and noble, also summoned people outside the palace to teach in the palace, which is very troublesome.

If there is an Ali cloud object storage OSS in ancient times, you can store a large number of files, and you can also perform multiple redundant backups. If you want to learn a new drama, you only need to have the eunuch to go outside the palace to store the opera files to the object storage OSS. In the middle, you can easily learn the opera, and you don't have to be busy with the palace every day. Now, Alibaba Cloud OSS storage package only needs 99 yuan for 3 years, which can save a lot of silver for the noble.

"Yanlan Raiders" has perfected the finale. For this ending, the audience is still very recognized. Finally, I saw a good drama from the first episode to the 70 episodes, all kinds of blackening, various palaces, let People are addicted.

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