Access the arm development board via SSH (Secure Shell)

一 Experimental environment: 1. Established the arm-linux cross-compilation environment #arm-linux-gcc -v The development board has been connected to the router, and the necessary network configuration has been carried out. The development board and the host can be pinged. 2. This experiment uses the AM335X development board, which has been configured to build the file system. The configuration reference is MYD-AM335X Linux 4.1.18 The network-related DHCP, TFTP, SSH, etc. are configured by default, and the ssh command can be used directly. Second experimental process  1, the toolkit configuration can be restarted at 这里写图片描述 中进行查看。 2、开发板设置 1)进入到开发板内(本实验用的是picocom串口调试工具) 这里写图片描述 2)设置开发板IP,掩码,网关等 利用ifconfig命令 这里写图片描述 3)执行vi sshd_config 修改ssh_config 文件,将43行的#PermitRootLogin without-password修改为PermitRootLogin yes.(这步很关键,不进行修改的话会发生permission denied 错误) 这里写图片描述

4) ssh Execute /etc/init.d/S50sshd restart after modification 3, test Execute ssh [email protected] (IP of the development board) on the host and enter the password to log in. Display # successfully connected to the development board Logout Exit the connection After that, you can use ssh's scp command to test the file transfer between the host and the development board. 4, the summary of the error 1) The sshd_config file has not been modified, indicating permission denied. Solution: Modify as described above to be successful. 2) After modifying the sshd_config file, the permission is still denied. Solution: Recompile, re-write the development board system, modify the sshd_config file, #PermitRootLogin without-password is modified to PermitRootLogin yes and the attempt is successful.