Video conversion generates two-dimensional code, scan code to play directly, online production, one-click upload

How to generate QR code, scan to see the video? Better not to have ads?

First talk to everyone about the principle. The QR code itself can store information, such as the URL where the video is stored. When scanning the QR code, the phone will first obtain the URL stored in the QR code, and then automatically open the URL in the browser, so you can see the video. Both WeChat and QQ are built in QQ browser, so the principle is the same.

The most simple and rude method: use the platform server.

Using Double Crown Cloud QR code platform:

Benefits are no ads.

According to the above principle, if you have a server, you can use your own server to store the video, so there will be no advertisement when scanning the video. The

method is very simple. Upload the video to the server, get the url of the video, and use the online QR code generator to generate the QR code.

It is best to give the server a CDN acceleration to avoid the video when playing.