Rancher x iSoftStone │ Common Power Insurance Digital Transformation

September 12, “2018 Softcom Power Insurance Industry Solution sponsored by iSoftStone Information Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Software Power”) The V3.0 conference was held in Beijing. Tencent, Ali, Ping An Technology, Rancher Labs, PNP and other companies joined hands to give speeches. More than 100 representatives from the insurance industry attended the conference to witness the digital transformation of insurance. Innovative solutions.

In recent years, driven by digital technology, the insurance industry has continued to generate new models, and sales, claims and product designs have undergone tremendous changes. As the industry's leading innovative software and information technology service provider, iSoftStone has launched the 3.0 version of the insurance solution to bring together the latest information technology achievements such as cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things.

容器技术 is favored by more and more insurance companies in the process of digital transformation because of its fast and lightweight characteristics. At the new product launch conference of iSoftStone, Ren Xiaocha, general manager of Rancher Labs Greater China, was invited to give a speech at the round table in the afternoon entitled "The Practice of Information Technology Transformation in the Container Technology Help Insurance Industry", with Rancher China In the insurance industry, the benchmark customer case of container landing, sharing the insurance industry's experience in the evolution and exploration of container applications, as well as thinking about insurance customers container cloud construction, Kubernetes landing and suggestions.

未来, Rancher and iSoftStone will work more closely together, relying on iSoftStone's nationwide sales and service network, customer-centric development services, and Rancher's leading core technology products, 100% open source Strong ecology, together to provide better service and more powerful container technology solutions for insurance industry customers.

In the past two years, the Rancher container management platform has successfully assisted more than 10 insurance industries including Ping An, China Life, China Taiping, China Merchants Renhe Life Insurance, Fude Life Life, Guolian Life Insurance and Evergrande Life Insurance. The company completed different Docker and Kubernetes projects for financial PaaS platform construction, micro-service transformation, application containerization and modularization, continuous integration and continuous delivery.

In the evaluation of Rancher by Rancher's major insurance industry users, the Ranchcher container management platform's technical satisfaction level, management operation and maintenance difficulty, technology openness, and product Roadmap angle are excellent; Rancher, the core business system middleware cluster for enterprise customers in the insurance industry can be expanded and recycled on demand to achieve application flexibility; Rancher's enterprise application store (Catalog) allows users to modularize business system server components and fully implement the business service stack Key deployment.

Rancher is an open source enterprise-level Kubernetes management platform. It has already provided the functions of creating AWS EKS K8S cluster, Microsoft AKS K8S cluster, and Google GKE native K8S cluster on the UI. It will also be launched on Alibaba Cloud and Huawei. Native support for domestic public cloud vendor Kubernetes such as Cloud.

Rancher is a creative, versatile multi-cluster management function for Kubernetes clusters that solves the dilemma of different infrastructures that enterprise users may face in a production environment. At the same time, Rancher's simple and intuitive interface style and operating experience will solve the problem of the industry's long-standing Kubernetes native UI ease of use and steep learning curve.

It can be said that Rancher 2.0 provides a more lightweight, convenient and reliable way for companies to land Kubernetes in a production environment.