What is the blockchain and bitcoin

Back to the blockchain technology perspective, we see that the blockchain has established the basic elements of the three economies:

第一, the establishment of the community This provides a basic scenario for the transmission of value networks. An important branch of economic research is the study of group decisions.

Second, the flow of information, the flow of information in the community of blockchains is orderly and relatively transparent, so we can judge the change of decision-making in the process of efficient information flow.

第三, the establishment of the consensus mechanism provides a congenital trust mechanism for economic research. The premise of this mechanism is to minimize the asymmetry of information and maximize the screening of community users. So it can help us build an environment that is more purely economic model.

Therefore, as a researcher in the digital economy, such an ideal model and dynamic technology space have a great appeal to me. Conversely, let us look at the boundaries of value for such blockchain economics. What should we start with? I am here to propose three basic dimensions to think about.

The first dimension, thinking from the perspective of information value.

We have already discussed information as an essential element of blockchain technology, and in the economic network of blockchains. The right decision requires the decision maker to have enough information and make decisions based on this information.

In fact, we can understand the community of blockchain as a society, and the value of this society depends on the cognitive ability of each individual, and also depends on the basic structure (institutional elements) of this society.