Xiaobai learned this, not far from a good Web front-end engineer

With the development of the times, there are many people who are engaged in IT direction, so there are many people who want to become Web front-end development engineers. Of course, there are many people who don't know what a web front end is. What should the web front end learn? Today, the web front-end training Xiaobian is here to explain to you the web front end. Includes definitions, learning content and tools, and more.


I believe that there are many students who want to learn the front end, pay attention to the last text of the small series, and receive a complete set of web front-end learning tutorials for free!

What is the front end?

前: For browser development, the code runs in the browser

后后: for server development, the code runs on the server

Web front-end development mainly learns three parts: HTML, CSS, JavaScript. But today Qian Qian Wuhan Web front-end training Xiaobian said that these three parts, master these three parts, Web learning is almost the same...

一,html+css part

本It's especially simple. I searched the Internet for a lot of books and videos. Css box model, flow, block, inline, cascading, style priority, etc. are also very easy to learn. Finally, in-depth understanding of browser differences, ie9 below compatible with a simple understanding on the line, ie9 below the browser is eliminated is a trend, the low version does not have to waste a lot of time to learn compatible with mainstream browsers, google chrome browser, firefox browser , safari browser, opera browser can be. There are a lot of differences in browsers, and it is recommended to accumulate in practice.

二, JavaScript part

1, basic learning:

JavaScript is difficult, but also the focus, there is a lot to learn. If you don't have the foundation of other programming languages, it can take a little effort to learn. JavaScript has a lot of abstract concepts, which must be understood in depth, such as closures, prototypes, object-oriented, encapsulation, etc., to be thorough. Reading is essential. Find an excellent JavaScript book from beginning to end and study it over and over again. The first pass can be quickly read, generally knowing the concept, and the second and third times need to learn in depth. In addition, JavaScript object-oriented programming is very important and must be learned. Qian Feng Wuhan Web Front-end Training Xiaobian recommended a book, Stoyan Stefanov, Ling Jie translated "JavaScript Object-Oriented Guide." Learn and practice, and practice the truth.

2, jQuery learning:

html+css, JavaScript After mastering the basics, you need to learn jQuery. This is a very good Javascript library, a must for large development. It simplifies the complex operation of Javascript, eliminates cross-platform compatibility issues with Javascript, provides a lot of practical methods, has good documentation and help manuals, and is a very mature Javascript library.

3, Advanced Learning:

With the above knowledge, for most small websites, you should already be able to write code that works. But to become a more professional front end, you still need to continue to work hard. There are four more requirements for higher requirements: easy maintenance, testability, high performance, low flow (mobile).


1, tool learning:

大项目, front-end code building is not a simple compression, relying on management, module merging, various compilation steps are indispensable, need Learn to use front-end build tools like grunt, gulp, and more. Also to learn: package manager bower, npm, code optimization CSS Lint, JSHint, JSLint, CSS preprocessor less, sass, code management and version control svn, Git, web framework / server Node, Express, code specification, HTML modularity, css modularity.

2, layout framework learning such as Bootstrap.

3, new technology html5 learning.

4, JS framework learning, requireJS, AngularJS, etc., close to the front-end architect.

5, nodejs learning.

I am a front-end development programmer, and I have compiled a 2018 most comprehensive front-end learning material, from the most basic HTML+CSS+JS to the mobile HTML5 to various frameworks. A small front-end partner, here is a small white gathering place, welcome beginners and advanced partners.

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According to the summary of the above web front-end learning, as long as you master these technologies, in the current market demand analysis, the market price of tens of thousands of monthly salary should be no problem. . The big front end is not only high salary, but also the most scarce position in China. With large companies such as Google, YouTube, and Twitch turning their attention to HTML5, the future of HTML5 in the Internet era is determined. Therefore, with such a good development prospect, students who want to learn the Web front-end technology should not hesitate to learn one step at a time, and they will get a high-paying job early!