Blockchain crowdfunding scam

The third dimension, from the perspective of social capital, we must first understand the concept of capital.

According to the definition of the famous economist Fisher, any thing that can generate future benefits can be called a capital (or asset). The definition of Fisher's formula is that "the price of an asset is equal to the sum of the discounted value of its future income." The focus of our discussion is on social capital, which is all that exists in a social network that is conducive to the cooperation of prisoners. This concept involves the prisoner's dilemma of game theory because the game in the network is very full and complex, so it is necessary to measure these elements with social capital.

Simply put, in the community of blockchains, how to measure the value of capital is to measure the integration of the “mutual help” elements that can be generated after the full game in this community. The value of this network can be used. These factors are measured by discounted values ​​for future earnings.

Overview, we provide a basic framework for the “value” elements of the blockchain “value Internet”, which is defined by three elements: information, network and social capital. When we discuss the value of blockchain, we should not only pay attention to its technological innovations and concepts, but should pay attention to its economic essence.

If a blockchain community or application scenario does not have the value of the above three elements, then in fact it does not have the "value Internet" attribute. If a measure is simply confusing the “digital gold” packaged by blockchain technology, without understanding its heterogeneity in economic attributes, it is no doubt just an old “financial bubble”. Trick.