How strong is the programmer with an annual salary of 600,000? Canvas raindrop effects 100 lines of code easy to achieve!

Today I edited the forum and saw the experience of a big programmer interviewing Didi Travel. The guy is a fresh graduate and also in my group. Just graduated this year and went to the Didi trip for an interview. The first few interviews were very easy. The last interviewer wanted to rely on his development ability. So the guy developed the fireworks special effects in a handy manner. It was also very powerful. I edited the code and gave it to the headline. The little friends are learning, I hope everyone can learn the knowledge they want to learn!





第一: Learn basic core content such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, etc., and master it firmly.

第二步: Responsive layout, Bootstrap, AngularJS, React, NodeJS and other current Internet development technologies.

三步: Based on the technology I have learned before, I started to work on projects, enrich project experience and organize my work.

These techniques are very simple to get started, but it is very difficult to learn in depth. I am a vocational course in the Pan-Yi Academy. It takes exactly four months, and there is a lot of content in each stage. The teacher is always taking me. When I was working on a project, it was a good job to find a job after I finished studying. I had to talk to the interviewer about the cases and my own ideas during the interview.

I am a front-end development programmer, and I have compiled a 2018 most comprehensive front-end learning material, from the most basic HTML+CSS+JS to the mobile HTML5 to various frameworks. A small front-end partner, here is a small white gathering place, welcome beginners and advanced partners.

web front-end JavaScript learning QQ group: 733581373 (fireworks project source code collection)

If you want to see more systematic articles and learning methods experience can pay attention to the micro-signal: 'web front-end technology circle' or 'webxh6' After paying attention, reply '2018' to get a complete learning video.