If there is no product manager, programmers will have a coquettish operation

In the intricate team network, there are two very delicate groups, that is, product Wang and program.

Any company has a big network that is entangled in work and loves and hates, and Internet companies are no exception.

In the intricate team network, there are two very subtle groups, that is, product Wang and program.

这不, just yesterday, Xiaobian’s circle of friends was swiped by the product Wang and the program. A wave of people who watched the excitement and was not afraid of big things talked about it: Come on, let’s Ping An’s product manager and App developer fight!

Then, this time, the two love each other and fight, what is it like? According to informed sources, the product manager puts forward a demand for R&D: the theme color of the app can change with the color of the user's phone case...

Developer may be too desperate for this demand. For a moment, I couldn’t hold back the small flame that had been suppressed for a long time, so I had a scene in the video... Hey, let’s feel it for yourself...

As for the result of this event That is, both are expelled...

在这里, Xiaobian really wants to persuade everyone: Impulse is the devil! Don't fight for a while, and break your intestines afterwards.

Of course, the "slapstick" of the program and the product Wang are inevitably ridiculed by the watching of the lively netizens:

用户 A: Who is the product manager, who is the programmer?

用户B: I will know when I look at the top of my head!

用户 C: If this can be solved, what will the product manager ask next?

用户 D: It is estimated that you need to develop a truss to change color...

Of course, there are a bunch of programmers discussing operability.


and does not involve hardware, simpler solution:

here, the netizens are ridiculing the righteousness, there, the incident is like a fuse. The programmers who "explode" "dive" for a long time have appeared to swear "the unreliable product manager that they have encountered in those years."

Those product managers who are engaged in things

, Xiaobian is for everyone to inventory the product managers that most programmers are afraid of meeting. Let's take a look at whether you have been recruited.