How to solve eclipse without Dynamic Web Project

Recently used to use eclipse, you need to use Dynamic web project. But I did not download the version.

So you need to install the java ee plugin.

First open eclipse, check your version number help->About Eclipse

我的Oxygen, turn off

and then help->Install New Software

Open Work with dropdown Box, or go online to find, click Add to manually enter

(just contact, I am also very aggressive on various versions of eclipse)

After loading is completed

Drop down, select

  • Eclipse Java EE Developer Tools
  • Eclipse Java Web Developer Tools
  • Eclipse Web Developer Tools
  • Eclipse XML Editors and Tools
  •  JST Server Adapters
  • JST Server Adapters Extentions

Two are used for Tomcat after using

, please install it directly on

and then continue to


wait for installation.

After the installation is complete, restart eclipse