Blockchain is a disguised pyramid scheme?

数字币- God's private key, human wealth!

2018 The opening of the block, the blockchain quickly became hot with a gesture that makes people feel unclear, becoming the first "window", of course, with quotes.

"After twenty years, people will talk about bitcoin as they talk about the Internet today, and 100% of transactions will be done on the blockchain.

Everyone even commented: "The blockchain is the ninth largest in the world. Miracle. There is no technology like blockchain that will bring such a huge possibility to the transformation of the future society. The concept of

Blockchain can be traced back to the end of 2008, pseudonym The mysterious person of "Zhong Bencong" published a paper "Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer E-Cash System" in the forum, which first proposed the concept of blockchain.

January 3, 2009 The first block of the blockchain has been born. This block is called the “creation block.”

is almost the birth of blockchain technology, and Bitcoin is the first to play its role. In the next few years, Bitcoin has gradually become popular around the world. In 2017, its crazy market has made blockchain technology known.