How to make money in the blockchain? A block of the blockchain

The core of the blockchain is distributed ledger technology, with encryption algorithms, consensus mechanisms, a bit of a point network, and incentive mechanisms. The blockchain supports true peer-to-peer communication through distributed nodes, and de-mediated trust.

区跨链 is the first technology that can truly de-intermediate trust, which means that it is possible to go through the sharing economy of any third party.

Shared economy encountered a blockchain, that is, the spring breeze met the rain, can create a real sharing economy, change the status quo before the sharing economy stays in the concept, staying in the leasing economy. This is also a new thing that the blockchain can bring to the world, which will have a major impact on business organization and form.

Shared economy combines the incentive mechanism of blockchain technology, shares social resources, and strives to create a shared economic ecological network, so that idle resources, such as people, resources, labor, etc., can be shared and contributed to all sharing. The economic return, giving shared service recipients a lower cost and better quality service. In the future, this will surely become the leading representative of the sharing economy!

What is the blockchain, can you explain it in plain language? It is best to analyze several companies related to the blockchain.

: In a narrow sense, a blockchain is a chained data structure in which data blocks are sequentially connected in a chronological order. A non-tamperable and unforgeable distributed ledger guaranteed by cryptography.