Is the blockchain in Guizhou a pyramid scheme?

The core idea of ​​the blockchain is decentralization

In the blockchain system, the rights and obligations between any nodes are equal, all nodes have The ability to vote with computing power ensures that the recognized result is a well-recognized result for more than half of the nodes. Even if it suffers from serious hacking, as long as the number of nodes controlled by the hacker does not exceed half of the total number of nodes in the world, the system will still operate normally and the data will not be tampered with.

The biggest disruptiveness of the blockchain is the establishment of credit

blockchain technology can make v payment and Alipay no longer exist. The Economist made an image of the blockchain: in a nutshell, it is "a machine that creates trust." Blockchain allows people to collaborate without mutual trust and without a neutral central agency. Fighting against counterfeit currency and financial fraud will not be needed in the future.

Collective maintenance of blockchain can reduce costs

Under the centralized network system, the maintenance and operation of the system depends on the operation and maintenance of the data center and other platforms, and the cost cannot be omitted. The nodes of the blockchain can be participated by anyone. Each node participates in the recording and verifies the correctness of the results recorded by other nodes, and the maintenance efficiency is improved and the cost is reduced. In a word, the blockchain touches on money, trust, and power, the fundamental foundations on which human beings depend.