Php basics dry goods

LAMP should know all about Linux, PHP, Mysql and Apache development site technology. First, I combined dozens of small and medium-sized software companies to the basic PHP engineer skills requirements and daily learning PHP experience, listed the knowledge areas that junior PHP engineers should have. If you are new to PHP, you can refer to this step to learn. Detailed list: ------------------------------------------------ ---------------------Basic knowledge------------------- -------html---------------- 1, xhtml basic syntax -------css----------------- 1, css2 -------js------------------ 0, JS basic grammar 1, DOM 2, BOM 3, COOKIE 4, AJAX 5, XML 6, sports 7, object-oriented 8, VQuery 9, regular expressions -------php---------------- 1, string processing 2, process control 3, the array 4, object-oriented 5, regular expressions 6, file processing 7, image processing 8, time management 9, error handling 10, the database [mysql mysqli pdo] 11, COOKIE SESSION 12, memcached 13, static 14, smarty -----computer network----------- 1, TCP / IP protocol ------apache-------------- 1, the basic configuration 2, configuration section _ container ------mysql--------------- 1. Add, delete, change data table 2, query [sub-query, related sub-query] 3, system function 4, views, transactions, triggers, stored procedures 5, database design [ER map, three paradigm] ------linux--------------- 1, commonly used commands 2, user management 3, file directory 4, file management 5, process management 6, network configuration 7, software installation 8, the compiler uses 9, disk management 10, external equipment [CD-ROM] management 11, lamp, lnmp environment ------English------------- 1, pre-read English documents -------------------------- ---------------------Advanced part ------------------ 1, html5+css3 2, php open source framework 3, database indexing, query, storage optimization 4, shell programming, Linux kernel 5, the site is highly loaded, big data 6, high-performance algorithm design 7, design mode 8, PHP programming security ------------------------------------------------ Second, combined with the above learning steps, deliberately compiled the manuals, books, videos and other materials needed for learning 1> Manual package Http:// Includes manual: W3cschool Chinese manual Css2.0 Chinese manual Css3.0 Chinese manual Web design color matching common sense HTML5 Chinese Manual JavaScript5.5 Chinese Manual MySQL 5.1 Chinese Manual PHP5 Chinese Manual PHP coding specification Linux command Daquan Smarty3 Chinese manual 2> Books [PHP]Guide to PHP Design Patterns [PHP design pattern refers to Nan-Chinese and English] Http:// [PHP]PHP programming security basic Chinese version Http:// [PHP]YII framework [YII authoritative guide, YII function manual, YII framework quick start] Http:// [Network] TCP-IP Detailed Volume Http:// [algorithm] computer programming art Http:// [JS] proficient in JavaScript (Turing Computer Science Series) Http:// 3> Video [HTML+CSS+JS] elaborate on the top 15+JavaScript part of PHP [recommended] [url=][/url] [WEB plane + FLASH + PS] Chuanzhi podcast Http:// [JS] Miao class classroom JS video tutorial [If JS wants to study in depth. I don't want to go deeper and just look at the JS tutorial for PHP.] Http:// [PHP] elaborate PHP15-115 [recommended] Http:// [PHP]PHP100 [url=][/url] [PHP+Linux+ database] Chuanzhi podcast [recommended Linux video part] Http:// [Web site high load] detailed PHP PHP special class video tutorial - Li Qiangqiang [recommended] [url=][/url] [HTML5] Miaowei Classroom HTML canvas basics Http:// [HTML5]Detailed PHP HTML5 section Http:// [Algorithm] MIT Open Class: Introduction to Algorithms Http:// If you want to learn well, the manual will be indispensable. Don't worry about Baidu and Google when you encounter problems. Remember to read the manual! Also included with my mobile phone finishing LAMP programmer manual. mainly includes: Javascript 1> Common knowledge points 2> Common function highlights 3> Use of regular expressions PHP 1> Commonly used classes and function highlights 2> Mysql knowledge points Linux 1> Basic prerequisite knowledge Manual version [with source project file] Online version