Distributed database application research report in the financial field

such as concept, basic characteristics, development history, necessity, etc.

Chapter 2 Key technologies and typical architecture

The key technologies and typical architectures of distributed databases.

第章 Chapter The current status of application in the financial field

, such as the currently applied system, online business.

Chapter 4 applies trend analysis in the financial field

such as development trends (such as technical architecture, security controllable, collaborative cooperation, application scenarios, etc.), risks (technical risks, data risks, legal risks, etc.) Face challenges (technical, standards, talent, supervision, risk, etc.).

五章 Standard system and related specifications

such as the status quo of domestic and international standardization, standard design ideas in the financial field, and the standard system framework in the financial field.

六章 Development Planning and Work Suggestions

Such as developing development plans, promoting standards development, improving policies and regulations, and strengthening personnel training.