[Ruo Ze data zero basic class September 12 morning class] Summary

1. What are the commands for switching users and temporarily obtaining the maximum permission of the root user? Su Sudo 2. To use the sudo command, we need to configure the temporary root maximum permission without password, which file to modify, add a line of what statement? /etc/sudoers Add a sentence Xxx ALL=(root) NOPASSWD:ALL 3.su - user1, what does this short bar stand for? Effective variable 4. What is the identity of the hidden file? Which command parameters can be viewed? Hidden files are files that begin with ".". The parameter for viewing hidden files is -a, the command is ls -l -a or ll -a 5. Talk about which are R parameter commands and which are r parameter commands. The R command is a chomn, chomd permission class, and the others are r It can be simply understood that the R parameter is related to the permission class, and the other is the r parameter. 6. How do you help with the command? Usermod –help 7. Talk about the process of editing a file by vi i enter edit mode Esc launch editor Wq save exit 8. Process Port Number What is the command? Netstat -nlp 9.cp mv what is the difference The difference is similar to copy and paste Cp copy has multiple files Mv mobile file number has not changed 10. What is the command to kill the matching xxx process? What do we have to do before killing? First check the command is ps -ef|grep xxx The command to kill is kill -9 xxx