Those days, in the dark horse

time rushed like a white pass, in the blink of an eye I have been studying in the dark horse for four months, although it is fast but left a deep impression and sentiment. Every day from morning to night, perseverance, one piece The unique way of investing in things and feelings has left a deep impression on me. This profound sentiment is not measured by money. It teaches you an attitude, a profession. Conduct, a serious, a careful; more is a kind of discipline for your perseverance. Secondly, the dark horse's knowledge base is very complete, he condenses the contents of the book into the essence of the essence, and easy to understand, It is very suitable for a small white or rookie level to learn, and its educational content is not a one-time, it will be updated according to the development trend and characteristics of the IT industry, so that students can learn the latest content, for future students to the enterprise Adaptation and integration have laid a solid foundation. I vaguely remember that when I was overwhelmed by four years ago, I went to the black horse training institution to learn Java after the introduction of my classmates. At that time, I was completely ignorant of IT, and because of my own personality, I was more introverted. I am not good at communicating with people, and my logic analysis ability is weak, so I always worry that learning will be very difficult. Fortunately, here I met a group of like-minded friends and the class teachers who have been with us all the time and have been helping us. The problem-solving career guidance teacher Tao Ge, Lang Ge and the instructor who is responsible for explaining the video, this environment creates a warm learning atmosphere, allowing me to quickly enter the learning state, no longer embarrassed, no longer worried. In life, the class teacher gave us a lot of help. She always cares about our mentality and life. Every time the class is held, she will be very prepared, help us with hard work, and also during the holiday season. I will be very grateful and admired for paying for gifts by myself. In order to allow us to listen carefully to class, she will go to the classroom every day to check and supervise us, expecting us to learn better and find a favorite job. In the course of study, tutors and career guidance help us solve a lot of problems. During the day, the instructors will help us explain the video, and will expand the deeper content to make it easier for us to understand. In the evening, the employment guidance will accompany us to knock the code. When we encounter problems, we will help us solve the problem in detail. The most influential instructor is the wave brother. We are sure to answer the questions we asked. The next night self-study is 10 o'clock, but in order to let us learn better, I hope that we can find a satisfactory job after graduation, often ask us to class at least 11 o'clock, he will always be with us. I often go home from work after 12 o'clock, often complaining about his family, but the brother is still so, really admire me. Time flies, white space, this period of dark horses is very fulfilling and meaningful. This is an unforgettable day, and a great turning point in my life. Although there are more than two months from graduation, the future courses are even more It’s tough, but now I’m no longer worried, oh, I believe that I can work hard to overcome one difficulty after another. Here, I am very grateful to everyone I met here, especially the career guidance: Langge, class teacher: both, we The growth is inseparable from your silent efforts. Although we sometimes do not do well, you still believe in us, patiently teach and help us, and want to say "thank you!", you have worked hard! I have learned a lot here. I have been ignorant for 20 years. I seem to have never known that learning is for explanation. I feel that I have been learning blindly. I like to learn and hate learning, but I have never been so awake. Recognizing the purpose of my own study, why should I go to work hard. Secondly, I understand that every success has infinite sadness. Genius is relative, just the difference in one's potential, but every one in life. What is needed for success is to persevere, concentrate on investing, listen to others' opinions and listen to others; the future is your own, not others; how much tears you will pay now will have much to gain in the future.