The integrated circuit training includes the base

"科络实验室" integrated circuit skill improvement base, and is committed to building a first-class integrated circuit vocational skill training base and technical exchange service platform. Guided by the IC quality course that creates this quality, it focuses on the combination of theory and time. It has a high-quality faculty team, rich practical teaching cases, systematic curriculum design, perfect teaching services, value-added network, and high quality. The software and hardware platform will help the development of China's integrated circuit field.
 “Keyuo Lab” provides IC career improvement, IC communication community, IC career planning, and technical support.
  Most of the lecturers are senior engineers with more than ten years of experience in the first-line enterprises. 

小班线下实体 multimedia classroom, regular free class, perfect teaching service system, student lecturer evaluation, to ensure the quality of teaching. 这里写图片描述 “科络实验室”集成电路技能提升基地服务对象: 1、 高校群体; 2、 需要专业提升的职场人士; 3、 需要定制化人才的企业或人力资源部门。

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网站 Phone: 027-87109606 Welcome to apply for registration, plus QQ group exchange, 805936200.这里写图片描述