How to set the website page layout

网站Page layout How should I set the

website page layout should be set?

/ When doing the website first, according to the operating principle of the search engine crawling system, at / When the websites are established, they need to do some basic work of SEO. In fact, there are a lot of people who do the work after the website is done, but it is not good to have the basic website to do the basic work.

/, Website layout

The website layout mentioned here refers to the logical layout of the website, that is, the connection and connection. After entering the website homepage, some chains are continuously directed to a certain program or page/layer/layer. under. A good website layout can make search engine spiders better accessible and crawl the content of your website more quickly.


二, usually use

This is a schematic diagram of a handy, we will just look at it. The common layout is "Homepage - Program Page - Content Page", but some websites have more categories. There are small programs on the big program page, so the layout becomes "home page - big program page - small program page - content page" / according to the content of the website.

About the website page layout settings three points to note:

1, from the home page to the details page level as much as possible. (For example, "Homepage - Program Page - Content Page" is less hierarchical than "Homepage - Large Program Page - Small Program Page - Content Page". If it does not affect the user experience, it can be less or less. , the capture and weight transfer are excellent.)

2, make sure that each page is pointed to at least / other pages. (The program page is pointed to by the home page, and then the content page is pointed to by the program page. If the / page is independent, then the spider can't find it.)

3, each page can be added navigation. (Not only refers to the total navigation, but also the level of navigation. That is, the user is able to return to its upper/layer by click/connection in a pleasant/page.)

二, URL setting

It is common for the "Home/Program Page/Content Page" to appear. However, many CMS systems are perhaps blogging systems. The initial appearance is as "home page/program page ID/content page ID".

有能会会不同 This connection is rendered. Is this a problem? This is fine. However, if it is, it is still advocated to optimize / down. Optimized into search engine optimization.html This will be better. Because the spider is known for pinyin.

Xiamen website construction Xiaobian summary:

1, ensure / page only / only the only URL.

2, the URL can be optimized into pinyin, so that the spider/view URL can know that this page is 啥 content/good. (If it is for foreign trade, you don't need pinyin.)

3, try to use static connection. ( static, dynamic, in fact, the difference between the two is not particularly large. But if the dynamic connection parameters Excessive time will not be initiated. For example, Engine Optimization&tag=jiaocheng)

4, 2/Domains will affect the weight of the primary domain name ?meeting.

三,robots and sitemap

robots.txt This file is usually stored in the root directory of the website. If we adopt / some CMS system or blog system, we can see this file.

This is the registration of some rules code. Used to notify search engines. The content of my website is what you can see, and the content is something you can't see.

If you are using a CMS system, there is usually no problem. However, if you are using an unpopular CMS, perhaps some of the developed website systems. / Jia is a check / under this file. See if there are any constraints on search engine visits. Otherwise, you will not let the spider enter the house, and will not include it in the home of the geek.

Sitemap, site map.

usually has two kinds, / kind is for the user to see. / kind is for the search engine to see. However, the search engine that users see is also easy to see/under.

  https://www.*.com/sitemap.php This is the website map of Taobao. Show the user. / Know the website layout and program differentiation. (Note: * Conversion taobao)