Diary Man: My Internet earning thinking

你好, I am Wang Gang, walking in the network of rivers and lakes "Diary Man". Share my thoughts and experiences every day, I hope that people around me can write a diary every day like me. Today is the 665th day of Wang Gang's diary.

Internet earning money thinking? Have you thought about it seriously?

Compared to the traditional way of making money, with the Internet, you have to upgrade your thinking system. In order to make money in the big gold mine of the Internet, you must have the Internet to make money.

Moreover, for most ordinary people, the Internet is an opportunity to quickly turn over and counterattack if you want to have desires and dreams.

Many people also want to find new breakthroughs through the Internet, but the thinking changes too much. When they enter the Internet, they only look at the scenery.

My understanding of the Internet to make money thinking is as follows:

Understanding the characteristics of the Internet

You want to enter the Internet, never seriously summarize the characteristics of the Internet, how to play?

Just like you are in a girl, don't understand its characteristics, start to pursue directly, you don't give what she wants or likes, isn't it a waste of effort?

So, it is important to understand the Internet first.

The characteristics of the Internet can be described by a "multiple" word, many people, more demand, more resources, more methods, you can basically think of it.

Not only that, the Internet can also magnify the individual's ability and influence more than 100 times.

Features are clear, and the next step is related to making money.

Why can't you make money?

A lot of people (including me) have been online for several years, and I haven’t earned it. Why?

1)Study more, do less

This is the common problem of most people, keep learning, always afraid to miss. What's more, it took tens of thousands of tuition fees and saved hundreds of G courses, or nothing.

is too little to do, no practice, no results.

2)Always clear

Take yourself as a test article, do one, see no results, then change one, no results, then change, no results. This state is terrible and dangerous.

If you can't hold the mentality of "do not make money, do 3 years first", or work honestly.

3)There is no skill in the

一技在手, I have it in the world.

Nothing, or not learning what to learn, as you grow older, you will become more and more passive. It is not impossible to be abandoned by society.

4)No ongoing work

You said that you want to make money on the Internet, but every day you are not willing to take the time to do it, how can it be done?

doesn't need a lot of time every day, as long as you keep doing it, there will be results.

How can I earn money?

To make money, be sure to understand yourself and believe in yourself.

First, list all the resources around you and record them with software tools. Write down your strengths and strengths, analyze your hobbies and interests, and combine these to set a direction and position yourself.

Then, keep doing it for 3 months, see the results, do well, continue to grow bigger and stronger. If you don't have a result, you don't like it, then re-select it, and you will do so until you have a result.

I just want to do it, and I have the result.


To make money on the Internet, you must have a systematic process, which will make it simpler and easier.

You can think about what problems users need to solve next, analyze the specific needs of users through data analysis, and then find users in batches to investigate and test. Next, develop an implementation plan, find users, and set specific steps for the transaction. It is not difficult to make money.

Finally, to sum up, the Internet to make money thinking is to have the ability to make money quickly, easily and easily on the Internet.

How do you understand how to make money on the Internet? Welcome message.