What are the four scopes in jsp, and what are the nine built-in objects?


, built-in object (also called hidden object), is in jsp, does not need to be created (by the server) <container> to create) an object that can be used directly.

对象 意思 的域
request Requestobject 型javax.servlet.ServletRequest 的域Request
response @ 型javax.servlet.ServletResponse 的域Page
pageContext 页ContextObject 型javax.servlet.jsp.PageContext 域域Page
session [email protected] @@@型javax.servlet.http.HttpSession 的域Session 应用对象
application 型javax.servlet.ServletContext 的域Application

  • @ @@型javax.servlet.jsp.JspWriter
  • 域域Page

Configuration object

  1. 型javax.servlet.ServletConfig
  2. 的域Page
  3. 页对象
  4. Type java.lang.Object
  5. 的域Page
  6. Exception object
  7. 型java.lang.Throwable
  8. 的域的page
  9. JSP Nine built-in objects are divided into four categories:

Input and output objects: out object, response object, request object

communication control object: pageContext object, session object, application object


Servlet object: page object, config object

error handling Object: exception object

* Nine objects :

out objects: for the client, the browser output data.