Monroe (xmr, XMR) mining tutorial

门罗币 mining mine door is low, easy to use, and both cpu and graphics card. There are no performance requirements. Any computer that works fine will do.

want to dig the door Luo coins need the following 5 steps:

1, download mining software:

choose a mining software you like.

2, apply for the door coin wallet:

开 The website applies for a Monroe coin wallet address, which is the official online wallet of Monroe, which is relatively safe.


3, looking for a mining pool to join the mining.

Fill in your Monroe wallet address in the mining software configuration file, and the mine address:

For example: take xmrig mining software and supportxmr mine pool as an example:


4, Check the mining progress

to go to the corresponding mine pool to view the proceeds. The following supperxmr mine pool is an example


5, realized.

After you have dug a certain amount of xmr, the mining pool will automatically transfer you to your corresponding Monroe wallet address.

At this time, you can find an exchange to withdraw,

如:币安网, or You can receive the RMB after your excavated xmr is sold. It is the withdrawal.