VS2013 LASZIP3.2.2 compiled


LASZIP compiled


1. First download the LasZIP source code https://laszip.org/ on the official website, decompress it, my decompression directory is D:\LASZIP

NewBuild as the compiled directory, laszip-res as the temporary installation directory, laszip-debug as the installation directory of the Debug version, and laszip-release as the installation directory of the release version.

2. Open CMake (please download it yourself), drag and drop CMakeLists.txt from laszip-src-3.2.2 into CMake, set the directory in CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX as our installation directory, click Configure, no error Click Generate to generate the corresponding project file in the Build.

3. Open vs2013 as an administrator, open LASZIP.sln in Build, first generate ALL_BUILD of Debug version, then perform INSTALL

4. After completion, it will be in D:\LASZIP\laszip -res regenerate the corresponding file, we cut it to the laszip-debug directory

5. Then compile the release version, the process is consistent with debug. Finally, generate the relevant files in laszip-res and cut them into the laszip-release folder.