The fact is that

has always been very disliked to write diaries or essays on the computer. I always feel that this kind of thing, through the hand, through the pen, will have a feeling of escaping, which can be touched. The plan is very real, as if I really carved these moods and time. But if I use the keyboard to knock, the same squeaking sound as I usually write will always make me play soon. It seems that I am urging me to end this kind of sentimentality, restore my reason, and continue to see many of my side not doing it. The trivial things that are done. Is it time with the computer? ? Now I seem to think that it is convenient to use a computer...


You feel the most sure thing, and the results often make you caught off guard.

Is it self-righteous? It’s not... just like a schoolboy who can’t wait to finish his homework and wait for praise, but the result is stunned: What is this about you? ? ! ! ! The feeling of head-on cold water is particularly uncomfortable.

哎I am still too young, and it is uncomfortable to say one or two sentences. I can't wait to prevent it. This is the place where life is fun. However, in the face of such a negative disappointment, I almost always choose to escape, but this time, definitely not. After all, I grew up, hahahaha.