What is the difference between random access, random access, and random storage?

随机访问: Random means that the access time is independent of the physical location of the memory unit. Access refers to the write and read operations. The main memory in the computer, such as RAM, is used in this way, so it is called random access memory. ; Random access: Focus on access, generally understood as a read operation. Because ROM is a read-only memory, it can be accessed randomly like RAM, but it cannot be accessed randomly. Random storage: can be understood as equivalent to random access, only RAM can be; RAM and ROM belong to memory, also known as main memory; CD-ROM is the first generation of optical disk storage, can only read, can not be written, belongs to external memory One type, also called auxiliary storage, uses laser etching to record information; from the access point of view, it has the same attributes as disks (floppy disks, hard disks) and is a direct access method.