Adding and deleting dynamic forms in HTML

HTML Adding and deleting dynamic forms

 (Adding input fields next to the form)
        Next to the added text box, add a button binding click event
        There is a <delete> button for each row in the table.
            In the delete button binding click event (delete method name))

    1.1: Get button, bind click event, call method
    1.2: Get the contents of the text box (by ID)
    1.3: Create td, set the text box content of td
        1.3.1: Creating td elements (td)
        1.3.2: Creating a text content object for a cell (id)
        1.3.3: Calling the appendChild() method of the td element Passing the text object of the cell

2. Delete (in the script tag)
    2.1: Defining the method of function deletion
    2.2: First get the table object table (multiple parentNode) in the method first
           Get the object tr of each row (multiple parentNode)
    2.3: Calling the removeChild method of the table target Passing the object of each row