Which article is fake original software?

Article pseudo original software which is better? In the new media era, high-quality original articles are always scarce, resulting in many original articles written by original products, representing the entire industry's original articles are uneven, there is no fixed industry standard, resulting in most users spent A lot of money. Review the following Aifa dog AI + pseudo original software, this is a pseudo original software based on artificial intelligence, very powerful.

So, when writing original articles, do you need to use online pseudo-original tools?

To answer this question, we first need to understand the whole process of writing the original text:

Generally speaking, the well-known original article writing agency, after receiving the order, the general process is as follows:

编辑团队-Subordinate Agent - Personal Agent - Individual Author

For high quality users, if the editing team has free space, it will be written directly. If there is no time, it will be forwarded to the next level. Speaking of the original author, it is almost impossible to guarantee quality. Many people use the original article generator. This is a pseudo-original tool for modifying existing articles.

How do they write fake original articles?

1, looking for quality original articles

How to find the original text, sometimes they will monitor some new websites to manually write articles, they should use their articles directly.

Tell everyone here, what is the original article?

1 From the perspective of search engines, articles that are not included in search engines are original articles.

2General: Independently written, not reprinted and excerpted, articles with unique views