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Welcome to use Markdown editor to write blog

This Markdown editor is modified by using StackEdit. Using it to write a blog will bring a brand new experience:

  • Markdown and extended Markdown Concise syntax
  • 码块亮亮
  • 图片链接 and image upload
  • LaTexMathematical formula
  • UML sequence diagram and flow chart
  • 下写写博客@@@ @Import and export Markdown file
  • 富快键
  • 快捷键

  • Ctrl + B
  • Ctrl + I
  • Ctrl + Q
  • Ctrl + L
  • Ctrl + K
  • Ctrl + G
  • Ctrl + H
  • Ctrl + O
  • Ctrl + U
  • Ctrl + R
  • Ctrl + Z
  • Ctrl + Y

@ @插图片升级标题或者有序表,创建一个链接等,详细语法参考帮助?。

无序表横线 ,  扩展了很多好用的功能。具体请参考Github.

重做 表格语法:

Markdown and [email protected]@@ @Markdown is a lightweight markup language that allows people to write documents in plain text that is easy to read and write, and then convert them into richly formatted HTML pages. —— [Wikipedia] Use simple symbols to identify different titles, mark some words as
Computer $1600
Phone $12
Pipe $1


or , create a link, etc. Grammar reference help? . , has expanded a lot of useful features. For details, please refer to Github.Form syntax:
斜斜本本器Support Markdown Extra
Computer 5
Phone Markdown Extra12
Pipe 项目 234


You can use the colon to define the alignment:  定义列表语法:
项目@ @@@价格

Markdown Extra

Definition List Syntax:

Project 1


Definition A

def somefunc(param1='', param2=0):
    '''A docstring'''
    if param1 > param2: # interesting
        print 'Greater'
    return (param2 - param1 + 1) or None
class SomeClass:
>>> message = '''interpreter
... prompt'''

Definition B


定义 C

定义 D 定义 定义 D来生成目录:

@ The block

  • code block syntax follows the standard markdown code, for example: Γ(n)=(n1)!nNΓ(n)=(n1)!nN
  • 脚注

Generate a footnote 1.


Created with Raphaël 2.1.2[TOC] Generate directory: 数学公式行式公式, math formula: 块级公式:More LaTex grammar please refer to this.UML 图:@@@ @ can render sequence diagram: 张三


Created with Raphaël 2.1.2李四李四嘿,小四儿, wrote a blog? 李Four times, said: yesno
  • busy to vomit blood, how can I write time. or flow chart: 语法,参考 这儿,
  • 开始我操作 语法,参考 这儿.


结束About 使用浏览器离线存储将内容保存在本地。


Grammar, reference here,



Grammar, refer to this.

下写写虽然浏览器存储大部分时候都比较可靠,但为了您的数据安全,在联网后, Even if the user does not have a network, you can also write blogs offline through this editor (put in write.blog.csdn.net/mdeditor directly in the browser you have used.

Markdown Editor

Use browser offline storage to save content locally.
  1. Users write blogs in real time, content is saved in the browser cache in real time, when the user closes the browser or other abnormal conditions, the content will not be Lost. When the user opens the browser again, it will display the unpublished content that the user was editing last time.
  2. After the blog is published, the local cache will be deleted.
  3. Users can choose to save the blog being written to Server drafts, even if you change browsers or clear the cache, the content will not be lost.
    1. 注意:
    2. Although browser storage is reliable most of the time, for your data security, after networking, @ @@@Please be sure to post or save to the server draft box.
    3. Compatible with
    4. Currently, this editor is the most complete support for Chrome browser. It is recommended that you use a newer version of Chrome.
  1. IE9 does not support IE9,10,11The following problems exist @@@ @不支持 offline function IE9 does not support file import and export . ↩