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恶灵骑士 is based on Marvel's best-selling comics, telling a motorcycle stunt performer Johnny is willing to sell his soul in exchange for his father's life, From then on, he was cursed to become a demon possessed by evil spirits at night, riding a motorcycle that shines on the fire of hell.

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Young Johnny Brez (Nicholas Cage) is a motorcycle stuntman who has a strong interest in motorcycles since childhood. His father was in poor health, so the demon king Mephistopheles (Peter Fonda) tempted Johnny to serve him in exchange for the cure of his father's illness. In order to save his loved ones, Johnny reluctantly promised to trade with the hell demon Murphyst at the expense of his own soul. Johnny’s father’s illness was cured, but he died in a motorcycle stunt show a few days later. Adult adult Johnny became a superb motorcycle stunt driver. On one night, he and his teenage girlfriend, Luo Wei (Ava Mendes), met by chance, and his girlfriend was already an excellent reporter. Mephis promised to release Johnny's soul, but only if Johnny had to serve him at night. During the day, Johnny was a sought-after stunt driver; and at night, he turned into a soul knight who burned the fire of hell and drove the soul chariot to chase the devil. In fact, Devil King Murphy is trying to use Johnny to eradicate all the forces that threaten him in the world, thus consolidating his power in hell. In particular, he has been reluctant to surrender to him and to establish another little son of the Hell Kingdom in the world (Vis Bentley). For centuries, for the throne, the black-hearted demon has been recruiting and trying to replace the father.

After a brief period of pain and struggle, Johnny gradually recognized the purpose of the devil to use him. So, he began to learn to control the horror magic attached to the body and the soul, and gradually turned this terrible magic into a great force to punish the evil, and he used the power that the devil gave him to deal with those who did not do anything at night; But the fierce devil is also using his energy to constantly devour Johnny's body and soul. A war between the soul and the devil is quietly going on...

now the second part is also released. I haven’t seen Coke’s good movie for a long time. This time I will not let everyone down, the Nicholas Cage is back. Just finished watching the movie, the effect is very good.



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