Sun Yuling Langfang Teachers College Information Technology Improvement Class 14

I seem to have had a long dream, and my dreams are ‘I’.

"Do you recognize me?", a woman who looked at her age and 30 years old and said goodbye to me. I fixed my eyes and looked like me, then she said, "I am what you are thirty years old," and then she said, "Do you remember the gang that chased you in junior high school?" I remember rejecting him at the time. The woman said: "I just accepted him. I went to high school with him after I finished junior high school. After I graduated, I opened a restaurant and gave birth to a baby. After I got married, he fed me 40 pounds. But he is as good to me as before." I looked at the man behind her who was slightly blessed but still not demeanor, I thought, "Is it because I refused him so I never met such a pure love?" "

I turned and saw a grandmother, although her hair was pale but she could not cover her book fragrance. She said to me: "I didn't have a few classes that escaped high school." When I first entered college, I was inspired to skip class, but when I didn't understand the high-number Fourier theory, I flinched. It is. The old grandmother added: "I asked the teacher after class, took notes seriously, and finished the class in the first class. I studied finance and economics for four years in college and graduated from the United States for further study. Now I have realized your dreams of the year." I can't help I also thought, "If I didn't back down, I didn't have the status of three thousand monthly salary."

[The alarm clock rang, I woke up, I was still young, I took my bag. Going to class, the little punk who chased me gave me breakfast again. I turned and asked him: "Would you like to take the same university with me?"