About Lenovo Thinkpad E450 series notebook discrete graphics can not work solution (blue screen / card + frame)

Lenovo Thinkpad E450 because of the motherboard problem, after running a discrete graphics card for a period of time (usually playing game calls alone During the running time), there will be a sudden drop of frame in the game, and then exit the game in the normal computer use process will also appear often blue screen, black screen and other phenomena, using GPU software intuitively reflected as: its core frequency no matter what In the working state, it will always be fixed at 300MHZ in standby mode, which can be understood as not being called. And this phenomenon is a common mistake of this model. Many users of this type of notebook on the network also encounter such problems. Lenovo official did not respond to this question.

I have passed the long-term test and found that can be repaired by reinstalling the system, replacing the motherboard, and rewriting the BIOS. However, because this model is a unified problem of this batch, the above three methods can only be solved within a certain period of time, and will still appear again at a random point in time afterwards. I have found through testing that this problem usually occurs during the game, usually in large 3D games. 。但是因为是此型号此批次的统一问题,所以以上三种方法只能在一段时间内解决,过后仍然会在随机的某个时间点再次出现这个问题。本人通过测试发现该问题通常出现在游戏过程中,通常是大型3D游戏中。

Although I can't completely solve this problem, I recommend using the third one, which is to rewrite the BIOS, because in contrast, reinstalling the system and replacing the motherboard will cause data loss, and It takes too much time. Re-BIOS does not cause data loss, it only takes a few minutes. You can go to the driver management page supported by the Lenovo Tinkpad service and download two different versions of the BIOS (you can choose the EXE BIOS one-click installation package, which is convenient and quick). When the above problem occurs, click on a version of the BIOS, the repair is completed automatically after restarting the computer, and then this problem occurs. Click another version of the BIOS installation to fix it. You cannot repeatedly install the same version of the BIOS. Although more cumbersome, it is relatively simple compared to the other two methods.

If you are using a laptop office, just use some ordinary office software, you don't have to worry about this problem. The commonly used documents, drawing, and 3D modeling software will not trigger this problem. If it happens, or to prevent it from happening, or if it is too lazy to repair, you can disable the independent display directly in the device manager, only use the set display, it does not affect the daily use (can not uninstall the stand-alone display, because WIN10 will automatically detect and install Drive, but reinstalling the driver does not solve the problem).