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Public Security Bureau [remind] expedited QQ: 599555110, online hotline QQ: 599555110, SMS alarm 12110, (Alarm QQ: 599555110 [Network Crimes Reporting Website 】If you encounter online game fraud, part-time cheating, telecom fraud, online purchasing, fund income refund, if you lose money, please contact us to try hard to crack down on online fraud, to recover the deceived property for you, maintain Citizens' interests!

Many people have experience in job hunting on 58 network platforms such as the same city and market, and there are also experiences of being deceived instead of seeking employment. In recent years, 60 cases of fraudulent cases of false recruitment information were released through 58 cities and market. 248 defendants were defrauded by issuing false recruitment information, and more than 5,500 victims were defrauded. The amount of fraud was nearly 100 million yuan, and some people even fell into prostitution dens. Fraud group.

△图/视觉中国 On the 24th, 58 City responded through its official Weibo that the first time had caused the 58 cities and the market to attach great importance to the case of false recruitment information on the online Internet platform of Chinese judgment documents. 58 City said that in 58 cities, market information, all need to pass the business license, organization code and mobile phone number, face recognition, ID card verification, Sesame credit certification, bank card and other comprehensive qualifications for review. The statement said that it will unite the public security and judicial departments to crack down on "network black production." Appeal to job seekers, attach importance to job search security, pay attention to platform anti-fraud tips, do not have the luck of fraud outside the platform, actively retain evidence and report to complaints.

So, in the past online recruitment scams, what are the routines used by scams? Routine one: Margin, card fees... Post deposit, IC card fee, clothing fee, card fee, food expenses, insurance fee, evaluation fee, trial money, work fee, etc. The amount of money collected by the applicant in various names is the simplest and direct recruitment of fraudsters. the way. Not only paying various fees, but even some of them use filial piety to send money, buy cigarettes, eat and other fake names to defraud the victim more money.

△图/视觉中国 Routine two: The medical examination fee is also a scam with a hospital "same pollution" Of the various fees that are required to be applied by candidates, physical examinations are often seen as reasonable requirements. However, a large number of referee cases show that physical examination is a big pit in the recruitment of fraud. Some criminal gangs recruited drivers, warehouse administrators, receptionists, personnel assistants, administrative assistants, etc. by hiring some unknown small companies in the same city network, people network, market, and network. Go to the designated hospital for medical examination, and divide the medical examination fee according to the head. What is even more surprising is that there are hospitals that specialize in doing such fraudulent medical examinations. For example, in a judgment of Beijing Fengtai Court, Li testimony: In 2003, he and Zhang and Zang were jointly invested in Beijing Jingren Hospital. In 2012, his hospital was revoked medical insurance and many equipment was idle. In October 2012, they began to work with some companies to make profits for the company's health screening, charging 236 yuan per person, the hospital to stay 100 yuan, and the rest to the partner company. Routine three: Part-time training fee? Are cheating money routines In the 58 cities, the market, the future, the QQ group, the recruitment website, etc., there will often be false advertisements of “recruiting part-time typists” and “Taobao customer service”. Many judgments show that fraudsters are cheating on various kinds of expenses such as deposits and training fees.

△图/视觉中国 Routine four: Can you immigrate when you go abroad to work? Are scams Can I go abroad to work, or even skilled immigrants? It’s all a scam. At least six referee cases show that many fraudsters posted false information about fake multinational services online, and such fraudulent amounts far exceeded other types of fraud. In December 2017, the Hangzhou Intermediate People's Court sentenced a case involving more than 60 million cases involving more than 2,000 victims of work-related fraud. Routine five: Recruitment etiquette, model? Really prostitution In the criminal offence of hiring as a prostitution, the role of the victim is rather vague. Some victims, under attractive recruitment conditions, have been mistaken into prostitution groups and are forced into prostitution by criminals; there are also some victims who have agreed to share the money with criminals.

△ map / visual China According to a case of the Hubei High Court referee, the appellant Liu Mojia hired and recruited more than 20 people, including the appellant Zhang, to rent houses in various districts in Wuhan as criminal dens, through 58 city network, people network, I love part-time job. The Internet, such as the Internet, publishes public relations, etiquette, models, business escorts and other information on the Internet in the name of various "business clubs", "ceremonial companies" and "model companies", recruiting, enticing and controlling many women to engage in prostitution for a long time. Scammers get rid of "surgery" Once the scam is uncovered, what methods will the scammers use to get out of the job seeker? 1, pull black. If you contact the job seeker only through qq, WeChat and other network methods, Laho is a common trick used by fake recruiters. 2. Procrastination. In the relevant "Taobao generation operation" fraud case, when the victim requested the refund, the scammers took the "drag" method and always "drag" until the victim gave up. In some cases of "going abroad for work fraud", the scammers delayed the victim by means of formalities and procedures.

△图/视觉中国 3. Return a small amount of fraud. When the applicant finds that there is a gap between the working conditions and the remuneration package and the advertising promise, the liar will threaten the victim with the reasons that the victim has signed the contract and the contract will not be refunded. If the threat is not met, the victim will return it to the victim. Fees ranging from 100 yuan to 200 yuan. 4. Derogatory recruitment units. The scammers pretend to be the recruiting unit interview manager, defrauding the job seeker's cash in the name of evaluation fee, clothing fee, medical examination fee, etc., and then compiling the reason to derogate the recruiting unit, so that the job seeker quits the application. When the job seeker asks for a refund of the deposit, they will only refund a small amount of the deposit on the grounds that the job seeker actively defaults. 5, martyrdom. In the recruitment fraud in Anhui, after defrauding the medical examination fee and insurance premium of the job seeker, the liar throws out the problem—the demander needs to work in the field or provide real estate guarantee and other reasons, so that the job seeker can give up the job. 6. Intimidation. In the case of a high-paying driver's fraud in Mianyang, Sichuan, the defendant threatened the company with a “high-profit loan, a fight at any time, and even a jail by the public security organs”, which caused job-seekers to work dangerously and not work properly. Job seekers automatically waive work and all or part of the deposit. 7, beaten. Some criminal gangs have special personnel who are responsible for threatening, intimidating and even beating the job seekers.