How much is the network police customer service phone [Reminder anti-fraud]


Severely crack the Internet scam, fast interception. In case of fraud, please keep evidence of transfer voucher, remittance voucher, account information, chat history, voice information, etc., to facilitate the police to solve the case.

[ Transfer from Jagged Community ] In recent years, with the rapid development of the Internet, the crime of fraud through telephone, SMS, and the Internet has become increasingly prominent, and the means are changeable. The scam is realistic and people are invincible. More and more people are trapped in the trap, seriously jeopardizing the people. Property security.

To further increase publicity and prevention efforts, improve the awareness of non-contact fraud crimes in the jurisdiction, let more people understand the prevention knowledge of non-contact fraud, and effectively improve the anti-fraud awareness and prevention of the masses. Defrauding skills, the police of the provincial government went deep into the jurisdiction, and fully carried out the "non-contact fraud" prevention and publicity activities.

In the publicity activities, the police of the provincial government introduced the use of non-contact fraud criminals to residents in the jurisdiction by suspending the promotion of "non-contact fraud" propaganda banners, distributing promotional materials, accepting mass consultations, and presenting case stories. Techniques, methods of crime, and techniques for identification and prevention, increase the prevention of non-contact fraud, increase the awareness of fraud prevention, and seriously explain and prompt prevention for the masses. Provincial police officers advised not to store large amounts of cash and valuables at home. Be wary of new types of non-contact frauds such as phone fraud, online fraud, and SMS fraud. If you are unable to tell the situation, you can contact the police station. ....

省府所民警 hope that the masses can use this anti-fraud promotion campaign to effectively improve their anti-fraud awareness, build their own psychological defense, keep a clear mind, do not covet small profits, do not stay Criminals can take advantage of the opportunity to report to the police quickly when they encounter suspicious circumstances. The provincial government has effectively promoted the self-prevention and self-protection awareness of residents in the jurisdiction by vigorously promoting the tactics and prevention techniques of “non-contact fraud”. In the future work, the provincial government will continue to increase the awareness of “non-contact fraud” prevention knowledge, lay a solid foundation for combating “non-contact fraud” crimes, and create “safe, stable, harmonious and orderly”. The provincial government has made unremitting efforts.