Data structure - physical structure + logical structure

beginner data structure of the novice understanding of the data structure .......... I almost understood it and wrote it down to commemorate the memorial. **

程序=Data Structure+Algorithm

Computer is the function of operating data. The large amount of data in operation is related to each other. The collection of related data is called data structure. The method of implementing functional operations is called an algorithm. So it's just to write a program, use some data that has a relationship with each other, let them do what to do to solve the problem and achieve the function.

1. Logical structure

From the definition of data structure, we can only see the logical structure, just like every student has a number, and No. 1 and No. 2 are discharged, regardless of whether these students are distributed. Where, everyone knows who they are before and after.

2. The physical structure

is the "visible position of the naked eye." Everyone has a place to stand, to move, to play games together. In fact, what the data structure says is the logical structure. The implementation of the basic operation depends on the storage structure. That is, everyone can play the game with everyone's position. Data structure: logical structure + physical structure (embodied in the basic operation) The basic operation is not the data structure, but only through the game, each student knows, ah, my location is here

总之, data Structure is a collection of related data, but the data can not be moved, they need to solve the problem, there is a storage structure, because only the logical structure is not used, the computer is to solve the problem (playing games), so Said: data structure = logical structure + storage structure.