Notes - python-decorator

Sometimes there is no way, life is forced, I am a 9-year old C# programmer. Suddenly awakened today, I went the wrong way. I have to choose java to live well. So from August, I bought a lot of experience java books to start learning. And manually practice writing a scaffolding for your own spring boot. But my heart is still worried, after all, I have to try to go out and find java work in half a year. The grade is big. I hope to find a good company, let me this lost programmer have a promising future. [/quote] Life is too short, programming needs to be cautious. A language is not proficient, and no language is proficient.

笔记-python-decorator 1. Decorator 1.1. Starting in Python, the function is also an object def foo(x): print(x) print(type(foo)) >>><class 'function '> View the methods owned by the function: dir(foo) >>> ['__call__', '__cla