Maven commonly used commands

Maven command list

mvn –version

display version information

mvn clean

clean project production temporary files, generally the target directory under the module

mvn compile

compiled source code, general compiler module src / Main/java directory

mvn package

project packaging tool, will generate jar or war file

mvn test

test command in the target directory under the module, or execute test case of junit under src/test/java/.

mvn install

Copy the packaged jar/war file to your local repository for other modules to use

mvn deploy

to post the packaged file to a remote reference, and provide other people to download the website

mvn site

to generate project-related information

mvn eclipse:eclipse

mvn dependency:tree

mvn archetype:generate

mvn tomcat:run

@@@ @@ Convert the project to an Eclipse project

mvn jetty:run

Print out the entire dependency tree of the project