PS learning - night scene and building comprehensive treatment (3) - the magnificent church (HDR)

Note:"()" in the brackets for the selected adjustment option, "[]" is where the photo is insufficient, "------" is the effect after the operation)

Overview: Mainly use "HDR tones", high-dynamic photo effect processing on a single photo, the church can present rich details, to be special Pay attention to the balance between the dark part and the highlight detail, the color density, etc.

(1) Select the "Image--"Adjust--"HDR Tone" command to set the "Edge Light" and "Hue and Detail" areas. Parameters, --- Determine the tone of the screen

(2) Keep in the "HDR Tone" dialog box, set the color of the "Advanced" area ----- adjust the color and detail of the screen

( 3) Expand the “Hue Curve and Histogram” area and adjust a S-shaped curve in it, ----- Enhance the contrast of the picture

(4) Press Ctrl+J to copy the “Background” layer to get the layer. 1. Select "Filter - Sharpen - Sharpen Edge" to set the opacity to 50%.