FCPX plugin mTransition Zoom 2 distortion deformation push and pull zoom switch

FCPX transition plugin: mTransition Zoom 2 The second season is a very shocking video transition effect, using TransZoom 2 for transition, custom zoom, pan, rotate, scroll and Sliding, etc., can be easily customized and can be used directly in Final Cut Pro X software.

Please download Final Cut Pro X for Mac (Professional Video Non-linear Editing Software) before installing the plug-in. After running the plug-in mTransition Zoom 2

in Final Cut Pro X, download the software and open the package. Drag the software [mTransition Zoom 2] to the Transitions folder to install. This version is a cracked version, one-click crack, permanent use! (Transitions path: /Users/orsoon/Movies/Motion Templates/Transitions)

Open Final Cut Pro X for Mac video production software, Pixel Film Studios -mTransition Zoom 2 video transition will appear in Final Cut Pro after installation X has been installed in the transition, as shown in the figure

mtransition zoom 2 plugin introduction

TransZoom 2 is a set of professionally designed transitions, providing a seamless transition to smooth animation curves for Final Cut Pro editors . Select and select from customizable zoom, pan, rotate, scroll and slide presets. Using transforms in Final Cut Pro is as easy as dragging and dropping. Instantly add dynamic transitions to any video production using TransZoom 2 from Pixel Film Studios.