Azkaban efficient use of handwritten

directory introduction:

1. Project main interface function

2. Execution main interface introduction

  • scheduling configuration
  • after failure (skip failure / end Task)


4.View log && 5. View history task

一, project main interface function

Project: a project contains a workflow; a project corresponds to a flow

Flow: specific work Stream, a flow consists of one or more jobs

Job: a specific node in a workflow, can be various types of execution tasks

二, the execution interface is divided into the following five parts @@@ @The various job nodes associated with dependencies can see clear dependencies here. By selecting the job node and right-clicking, you can edit the job parameter, activate (Enable), and freeze (Disable) the node, so that the frozen node can be skipped during execution, and the default node is activated.

  1. Notification: After the task is successfully executed or failed, the user needs to fill in the alarm email address
  2. Failure Options: When the task fails,

Finish Current Running: Only the currently running job is completed. Will not start other jobs (default)

Cancel All: Immediately cancel all jobs and make the flow fail

Finish All Possible: Continue to execute other job tasks of flow

  1. Concurrent: Parallel execution Option
  2. Flow Parameters: Global running parameters, can override the parameter value in the job

3, task execution module function introduction

Task execution can be divided into immediate execution and timed execution