The way of java (a) learning method

行java之道 (a) learning experience


我是一个普通JAVA development practitioner, the next time I will To update some of my own experiences, the reason why I want to do this is because I have long had the vision to record my own experience; the second is because the candidates I met in the recent recruitment have boasted about the framework, but I have not answered the basic questions. I am amazed; in the context of becoming the main force of production after the 90s, it is mostly the relationship of only children. In fact, the demand for talents and the demands are very stressful. In this case, I want to write something to share. If you can help someone who wants to become an IT practitioner, you will be very pleased.


Once I was very convinced of success, I wanted to take shortcuts and read a lot of related books, but when it was really practical, it was rarely useful. It is not completely negating some quick ways to get started. It just thinks that each person's character habits are different, and the environment in which they are located is different. The methods of learning are naturally different. Therefore, when you are not very clear about your own learning methods, it is a good choice to refer to others, but you should improve your situation. For the knowledge and technology to be mastered, it is still necessary to continue to explore in the process, and to learn more in order to be more efficient.   For Java, I think it is very important to understand the idea and use it flexibly. But for beginners, getting started is often the first big problem to be solved. I have the following tips for getting started. I hope there are Helped.

1. Don't exclude English

In the early years, some high school students know that when I was a programmer, I still felt funny. They felt funny because when I was studying, my worst was English. Their cognition of the program, which was mostly in the program at the time was composed of English, numbers and symbols, so that the program needs the support of English ability.   It is true that having good English ability is beneficial to the learning process, but the actual requirements of the program for English are not high. Generally, the specific language of a program language itself will not exceed one hundred. Moreover, writing software often has prompts, which is already in the Lower the threshold.   Some people here will say that you can use pinyin instead. In fact, some languages ​​of Chinese characters are also supported, but this method is not long-term. Because the code is compiled to the device, the writing team also needs to view it. Imagine that a program has a lot of logic. At this time, it is a Chinese character, and it is English and symbolic. The reading is really bad. The code is the same as the article, different people write, some people write it at a glance, and some people are bored.   Therefore, for English, the entry requirements are not high. Generally speaking, the English level is sufficient. But if you want to go a long way in the programming industry, English is a very important plus, or tool. In the case of mastering the program, learning English more is a good thing for development. If you really don't like it, then you must have a customary translation tool to at least make your code comfortable to read.

2. The program also has the grammar

is like a Chinese sentence, there are exclamatory sentences, interrogative sentences, articles have arguments, prose; English has various sentence patterns, program language also has grammar, can also be regarded as basic Guidelines.   Relatively speaking, I think the grammar of the program is much simpler, that is, the basic way of writing. For example, in Java, the beginning and end of a file; the writing of a method has a fixed way of writing, which can be called the grammar of the program, often not much, and easy to master. The first thing I learned during the beginning of school is this, because the writing is wrong, the program is wrong, and it can't run.   When I was a beginner, I was often grammatically mistaken, and the whole code was red (error). I was annoyed by running. Beginners can spend more time here and understand this, at least not a low-level problem with grammatical errors. And it affects the mood. I will mention this in subsequent articles.

3. If you want to see it together, you must first divide it into its fine

, no matter which programming language, or even all walks of life, the content skills are relatively large, so you want to eat it in one bite. A fat man is almost impossible. This is often a better way to separate them and break them one by one, but in this case, it may lead to a situation of losing one. If you want to be able to differentiate, you must be able to get together. After all, each module is originally a mutual service and mutual support.   For JAVA, the whole system is quite large, and I also mentioned a layer of entry in the next article.

4. Controlling emotions

When I was a beginner, I was often annoyed because the results of the program were not satisfactory. Even when there was a hammer wall, I thought it was very funny now. The importance of emotions raised here is because, personally, when I am unhappy, I can hardly do anything.   I often encounter problems when I study the program. My advice is to try not to get a spurt, not to be angry. It's really hard, you can suspend it, let yourself calm down and then go back and deal with it, don't let bad emotions ruin all day.


The reason is easy to understand, but it is often different in practice. Don't be a low-key person. If you understand the principle, you will not practice it. This is not good for your improvement. What's more, the program is real-time, you know the principle, you don't necessarily get the correct result, and sometimes you get the result, but it is the product of the accident, so if you don't practice it, you don't even know it. How come to improve?


These are all based on their own learning process in the past, of course, not comprehensive, if you can help beginners, I am very happy, I will update JAVA as soon as possible Other related articles can be considered as accomplishing what I want to do. Thanks for reading!