Can the managed server install an SSL certificate?

ssl With the development of the domestic Internet, the certificate is getting more and more attention from the users of the website. Many websites will deploy ssl certificates for their own websites for security reasons. What are the requirements for the deployment of ssl certificates? Can the managed server install the ssl certificate?

ssl What are the requirements for the deployment of certificates?

ssl Certificate deployment and installation need to pay attention to: a, the domain name must belong to the certificate applicant, the applicant needs to provide certain certification materials (usually verified by email, if the certificate level is higher, you need to fax the relevant documents. b) The certificate requires the website to have a separate IP, so if you buy a space that does not support additional independent IP, you can't install a digital certificate. In addition, the ssl certificate is bound to a domain name. Generally, a domain name corresponds to an SSL certificate. Only a universal certificate and a multi-domain certificate support multiple domain names.

Does the server be able to install ssl certificates?

99% or more of the server and client browsers support SSL. The virtual host can also generally install the application server certificate, but whether the server certificate can be installed depends on whether the service provider provides the service. A typical hosting service provider will give full administrative privileges and can install server certificates directly. If it is a host shared by multiple people, you can usually install an SSL certificate by communicating with the service provider, purchasing a separate IP, or purchasing an SSL license.

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