About okuex digital currency illicit remarks and personal economic people to make a note

Speaking is good: the tree is big, the people are awesome! OKUEX is a contract platform designed for perpetual contracts, low margin, 24 hours X36 days without stopping! Specialized in the current mainstream eight major currency contracts, the market trend synchronization of the fire currency data source! Do not do ICO, do not make small coins, it is not going to issue platform coins this inferior practice! (Friends who buy small coins and altcoins, I feel very deep)

But that's how it is, angering a group of people! A lot of QQ and WeChat, if you just say OKUEX, there will be a lot of people saying that you are not good, but they have never done OKUEX, do not know what OKUEX gameplay and rules are! Because compared to other platforms: OKUEX provides a perpetual contract (365 days X24 hours without stopping), the cost price is lower: but this will definitely touch the interests of some people! The rest is what the friends have seen, the QQ and WeChat group of salesmen in the process of black OKUEX!

The original personal speculation is nothing more than: which platform is lower cost, which platform service is better (does it have to be directly connected to the network cable like some platforms, can not directly see it? Or even ignore it? Then Every week you must force the platform (week contract and quarterly contract) and then use the so-called big platform to play with the user? Then the user's funds are for their own sake, even an explanation is gone, but: a bunch of salesmen are there to help Washing the ground, this is the so-called big platform? Then go to the black OKUEX

         好, now we are not convinced to prove that it is illusory, then okuex is now recruiting individual economic agents, and they also have 30% of their own procedures. The fee will be returned to you, and your referral friend will also return the fee of 30% to you.