Blockchain Development Company What does the blockchain mean for the banking industry?

Currently, the main views on blockchain and distributed account technology in the world can be summarized as follows: First, it is still in the initial stage of development, and the application effect remains to be tested. Second, if it is widely adopted in the financial sector, it may have a fundamental impact on financial business models such as financial business models and payment clearing systems. Third, the impact on financial stability is not clear, and the future may pose a major challenge to regulation. Although full of controversy, blockchain technology may be followed by steam engine, power, information and Internet technology, and can promote economic and financial transformation and upgrading together with new technologies such as big data, mobile Internet and cloud computing, and have the most potential to trigger the fifth round. The core technology of the subversive industrial revolution. It can be said that the blockchain economy is on the eve of the outbreak today. Who can bravely explore and lead in the face of this major historical opportunity, who will be the leader of the next stage of the financial sector. Despite this, the blockchain technology is still in the exploratory stage as a whole. There are no typical application scenarios. Only individual case pilots face many challenges in future applications: blockchain technology has defects and limitations, users The privacy and security of the company need to be strengthened, and the difficulty of financial supervision has increased dramatically. The decentralized nature makes the blockchain a decentralized node system, which greatly reduces the pertinence and effectiveness of financial supervision. For commercial banks, blockchain technology has a range of features such as accessibility, open source, credibility, real-time, decentralization, etc., which can solve information transparency and credibility issues, and can be widely applied to a range of financial services. . Therefore, commercial banks can actively try to accumulate experience and capabilities for large-scale application projects in the future.