Yuhang fire has become more "smart", Aliyun ET city brain intelligently judges the fire

Abstract: On September 17, a special drill was held in Hangzhou Yuhang Fire Brigade: 10:57 am, Aliyun ET City The brain alarm, Tongjia Jinxiu Community Xingyun North Road has a fire, need to send a water tank fire truck to fight fire, and at the same time to 120, 110, water, electricity and other linkage departments to push information.

9月17, a special drill was held in Hangzhou Yuhang Fire Brigade: 10:57 am, Alibaba Cloud ET City Brain Alarm, Tonga Jinxiu Community Xingyun North Road has a fire, need to send a water The tank fire truck will fire the fire and push information to the linkage departments such as 120, 110, water and electricity. Fire trucks and ambulances immediately set off for fire fighting.

and the way of relying on the public to call the police, Yuhang fire is becoming more "smart", which is also a new application of Alibaba Cloud ET city brain soon.


As the intelligent hub, Yuhang City’s brain is gathering a large number of IoT equipment and video equipment data, and can command 6 fire brigades, 10 full-time fire brigades, 60 mini fire stations, and 120, 110, water, Multiple linkage departments such as electricity.

The current IoT device monitors that when the temperature of the area suddenly rises or there is heavy smoke, the brain automatically alarms and quickly pushes information such as the location of the fire, the surrounding environment, and the ignition material to the fire brigade and the nearest ministry. The fire station and the mini fire station quickly dispatched rescue forces to the scene to return the scene to the fire brigade in the form of images, sounds, and text.

After the police confirmed, the brain automatically pushed the fire-fighting plan, and synchronized the other departments such as 120, 110, water, electricity, etc., and displayed information such as fire hydrants and hospitals near the fire point on the fire-fighting command screen.


余杭消防大队 Lin Ping squadron leader Guo Binyi told reporters that the past police mainly came from the public to find a fire call after the fire, the scene may have burned for some time, the public description may not be comprehensive and accurate.

Fire fighting is a job that requires multi-sector collaboration. On the way out, the firefighters must not only compete for the fire to prepare for the fire, but also need to call other coordination departments at the same time, such as the water department to confirm the nearby fire hydrant, and the safety supervision department to understand whether the fire is a hazardous product, and 120 rescue center confirmation Ambulances, etc.

"With the city brain, fire location, fire surrounding conditions, fire materials and other information at a glance, 120, 110, water, electricity and other linkage departments can also receive alarms in real time, which can better help us formulate fire fighting solutions It can also greatly improve the efficiency of fire fighting." Shen Tu Shi Lei said.

In addition to this, with the special vehicle priority scheduling function, the fire truck can reach the scene faster and fight for more fire fighting time.

2016 The first time the Hangzhou Municipal Government and Alibaba Cloud launched the Hangzhou Urban Brain Project, the goal of the Hangzhou City Brain was not limited to traffic management, but also became the city's infrastructure like the subway and electricity.

阿里云 told the reporter that on September 19th, the Hangzhou·Yunqi Conference in 2018 will continue to announce the latest developments in the brains of Hangzhou.