Replacing the "direct connection" mode, the network has a long way to go.

Recently, the network platform launched the online trial operation, Alipay, Tenpay and online banking online 3 third-party payment giants and 4 commercial banks first access . Other payment institutions and commercial banks will also be connected to the system. The online connection of the network has taken the first step in supervising the rectification of the third-party payment market. However, to completely replace the bank's "direct connection" model is not something that can be done overnight, but also needs to be patiently promoted.

Building transfer clearing platform

The third-party payment institution is directly connected with the bank. Although it reduces the cost of payment, it also brings about the problem of dispersal of payment information and the decentralization of deposits and deposits, making the payment market Violations are frequent and difficult to monitor. The third-party payment platform completes the cross-bank fund clearing through the existence of the reserve accounts of various commercial banks, which is equivalent to the disguised function of the central bank's clearing system. If this provides a channel for criminal activities such as money laundering, it will greatly increase the financial risk. The network association is born to solve this problem. Its on-line will build a common transfer clearing platform for non-bank third-party payment institutions, which is directly regulated by the central bank.

Reactivate the payment market

The previous payment market, the issuing bank, the acquiring institution, and the UnionPay will divide the handling fee by 7:2:1. With the development of the third-party payment platform, To reduce the rate, the third-party payment platform bypasses the UnionPay direct connection bank, and the 10% handling fee of UnionPay is distributed by the third party payment and the issuing bank. The online connection will be closed, and the era of “direct connection” will come to an end. Banks, network associations, UnionPay and third-party payment platforms will reopen a new round of games. The launch of

网联, also means the placement of the deposits in the centralized deposit, clearing the obstacles for the release of the clearing license. The network will master the specific transaction information and capital flow, prevent platform money laundering, misappropriation of reserve funds and other illegal activities, provide data support for the financial analysis and monetary policy adjustment of the regulatory agencies, and then promote the overall industrial structure and technological innovation. The third-party payment platform can no longer enjoy exclusive payment data resources, unified transfer clearing mode, and adopt unified technical standards to improve the transparency of clearing information. This move will completely abolish the multi-channel, low-rate moat directly connected to the bank by the third-party payment platform, and re-enter the industry competition back to the payment scenario expansion and customer experience improvement.


Compared with the bank direct connection mode, the emergence of the network connection is equivalent to the addition of a profit-sharing party, which needs to transfer part of the benefits, which may affect some customer experience. However, in the long run, the emergence of network alliance is conducive to the transparency of information and the concentration of funds for online payment, weakening the barriers to payment business, and promoting the sustainable development of the entire industry. At present, the scale of online payment transactions is in a period of rapid growth, and security, stability and user experience are the focus of the industry.

网联, as a major protagonist of the new appearance of the payment market, although its official background has inherent advantages in cutting off direct connection and promoting unified supervision of reserve funds, but in system construction, institutional access, and promotion pricing mechanism construction In terms of aspect, it is not mature enough, and it is necessary to maintain patience and continuous promotion. There is still a long way to go.