1. Get the Ant Design Pro project

I am a background programmer, engage in background code and database multi-point, but the project forced me to do a full stack programmer

project other projects with the most advanced front end also mvc It feels very disconnected from the current front-end mainstream

, and I also used vue.js in mvc to develop a WeChat enterprise number. That project also made me very tired.

Continue to challenge this time. I, play a pure front and back separation

front-end technology stack is basically blank, I feel like I have to play myself dead

坑爹's project manager let me do 2 time conflict projects at the same time, really 24 hours When you use

for 2 days, take a look at the technology stacks ES2015+, React, UmiJS, dva, g2 and antd introduced in the ant design pro document. . . .


Pre-install git and nodejs

git on the computer is the code version of the management tool

nodejs is a set of environments that let js run as a program, I feel like Is the same as python, parsing the script statement to run, wrong, please God

later need to use the package management tool ndj

which comes with nodejs and webpack packaging tool based on [email protected]@@ @开始吧

Create a folder to store the project on this machine

Get Ant Desigin Pro project from Github

I like to use git bash to execute, because git is installed Right-click menu comes with git bash here

Do not need to go to the jump path, where to play

first clone the project

and then initialize the npm package of the entire project, if it is Domestic network users can modify the package management address of npm to become the mirror address of Ali

$ git clone https://github.com/ant-design/ant-design-pro.git --depth=1

$ npm install

$ npm start

npm install webpack --save-dev