MGCEX.NZ "Standing on the shoulders of giants to touch the future"

If 2017 is the most popular year for the encrypted digital asset market, then 2018 is the first year of the MGCEX.NZ international station.

relies on the broad support of the advantages of the major international currencies, MGCEX.NZ international station has rapidly achieved rapid development, becoming one of the few high-quality platforms in the world.

We know that achievements and industrial outbreaks are usually achieved by "standing on the shoulders of giants." So what is the giant at the foot of the NZ International Station?

  巨人的肩 formed in the evolution of the blockchain

In fact, the P2P network encryption, database technology, electronic cash, etc. used by the MGCEX.NZ international station Technology has long existed, but it has not been integrated and serialized. It is the blockchain that has been practiced and explored for many years, and the technology accumulation has matured, and it has the development opportunity of today's MGCEX.NZ international station.

NZ International Station's distributed shared ledger and peer-to-peer value transmission technology, the impact on various industries, is more known as the invention than the double-entry bookkeeping method. Most importantly, its incomprehensible modification essentially creates a new mutual trust mechanism, plus its asymmetric encryption and source code open source, leaving an interface for technology updates and iterations. Another advantage of

MGCEX.NZ International Station is the adoption of smart contracts. Smart contracts can be combined with encrypted digital assets to ensure closed-loop self-management and self-operation within blockchain projects, also known as decentralized applications.


  pursuit of innovation, can look farther than the giant!

In addition to the original technology, MGCEX.NZ International Station also introduced a new calculation rules to eliminate a series of problems caused by the concentration of computing power In order to ensure the long-term development of the network, the nodes can always maintain stability and randomness. The

MGCEX.NZ international station innovation also includes technical enhancements such as security mechanisms and secure encryption interfaces. The security mechanism established on the encrypted digital asset can improve the security of the blockchain by adding enhanced features such as decentralized computing power balancing algorithm.

MGCEX.NZ International Station's selection and innovation of blockchain technology ensures that the overall demand for encrypted assets is realized, and based on the advantages of broadly supporting the proportion of international mainstream transactions, in order to meet the trend of the Internet and the Internet of Everything Industry needs provide valuable experience.

MGCEX.NZ The mature system ecosystem formed by the international station is iterated from the simple encryption digital asset application of the original 1.0 era. "Standing on the shoulders of giants" is also a model for the rapid development of human science and technology. When users enjoy the benefits of technological advancement, they may not understand the complex digital world behind technology. These are not the skills that users must master, but this is the NZ International Station R&D staff and project development team working hard day and night. Historical mission. Still want to know more, click here to enter!